November 13


Hey guys I’m posting this story because I won Write4Fun with it and I thought I would share it with you.


I walk in the scorching heat holding my wounded brother while his blood drips down my leg. I hear screams coming from the front, people dying of exhaustion from the heat.

My sister is yelling in my ear because she has been walking for 12 hours with no rest and my mother is too tired and weak to hold her. In the distance, I see a tent. Is that it, could it be, it’s the camp. I’m finally here.

Upon entering the camp, I dropped my brother, then lay down beside him on the boiling sand. My sister lies on top on of me.  I whispered “we made it”.

By Salsa

Posted November 13, 2015 by salsa in category Writing

5 thoughts on “Refugee

  1. charlie6k

    Dear Salsa,
    I think this is a very powerful piece of writing. 😀
    Congratulations! But I have one question…
    By saying “I won write4fun” do you mean you came 1st and won the $1000?

    From, Charlie

    1. salsa (Post author)

      Dear Charlie,
      Thank you 🙂 also I didn’t mean it as in I won the competition but got through. Although I probably should have explained it more clearly sorry 🙁 but now you know which is good and again sorry for the misleading caption 😀


  2. annika6k

    Dear Salsa,

    No wonder you got through the writing4fun competition, this piece of writing is amazing! It really got me wondering what happened in the beginning, it certainly did a very good job of hooking me in. Are you entering again since there’s another competition? Great job! 😉

    From, Annika 😀

  3. salsa (Post author)

    Dear Annika,
    Thank you so much for that 🙂 😀 also I don’t know if I will be entering again but there is still a chance because writing is a very big thing for me and is also one of my passions so be on the look out for more stories 😉

    From Salsa

  4. monique6r

    Dear Salsa,
    Your story is great and congratulations on getting your story published in a book! Well done 🙂
    From Monique.


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