October 25




For our project this term, we got to pick a category that we are passionate about. I picked photography and I can’t wait to share it with you 😀 I’m going to enjoy teaching my classmates about the history and facts about photography 🙂

I’m also going to play a game with them. It is like scavenger hunt and here is how you play- Everyone get into pairs and get an Ipad to take pictures. They will take pictures of different categories. They can pick categories like: most unusual picture, most detailed, best close up and so much more 😉

Here are some facts I learnt about photography

  • Joseph Nicéphore Niépce  took the first photograph in 1827.
  • The First Photograph was lost for almost 50 years before historians rediscovered it.
  • Today, Niépce is best known as an inventor of photography. During his life though, his most successful invention was an engine that propelled boats on water
  • The First Photograph is one-of-a-kind. There are no other copies of it anywhere in the world.

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9 thoughts on “Photography

  1. annika6k

    Dear Salsa,

    Your passion project sounds great! I’m sure everyone will have a fun time doing your activities and learning new facts (who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt?) 😛 Do you know what the first photograph was taken of? If so what was it of?Good luck on teaching the class, you’ll do great 😀

    from, Annika 😉

    1. salsa (Post author)

      Dear Annika can wait to tell you about my project and the first photo was taken of a view in France 🙂 😀

  2. david6r

    Hi Salsa I cant wait for the scavenger hunt and I really want to know facts about photography it will be great. And one thing when did photography start?
    😀 :O 😛

  3. tarra

    Dear Salsa

    I really like learning about photography and I like the activities you chose. It really helped me to know more about photography. 🙂

    Why was the first photo every taken?

    From, Tarra

  4. david6r

    Dear Salsa
    I really loved the session when you taught us all about photography. It was amazing especially
    when we took pictures.

    From David 🙂 😀 😉 ;D

  5. lowri

    Dear Salsa,
    As you may already know I will be doing photography for my passion project.
    It will be interesting what facts I know and what facts you know.
    I have one question and that is why did you deiced to do photography as your passion project.
    I heard that you already have done you passion project, I will be asking you at school what feedback did you get.
    From Lowri 6S

    1. salsa (Post author)

      Dear Lowri
      I chose photography because I have been really passionate and interested in it for a very long time now and also I thought a lot of people don’t know about photography so I thought it would be a fun, entertaining and educational for everyone 🙂

      From Salsa

  6. monique6r

    Dear Salsa,
    Your lesson was heaps of fun. I loved your topic and you were great at explaining what we were going to do next. I think you did very well! 🙂
    From Monique.


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